Voice (Laryngology)

Voice Cord Treatment

What is laryngology?
Laryngology is a branch within otolaryngology (E.N.T.) dealing with illnesses and injuries of the larynx. The voice box is placed in the front of the neck and consists of the vocal cords. It is responsible for producing sound and swallowing. It plays a vital role in the airway as it is the entrance to the windpipe.

What does a laryngologist do?
A laryngologist is a surgeon specialized in voice, airway, and swallowing disorders. You must consult Dr. Abhishek Mohan, Sr. E.N.T. Surgeon & Cochlear Implant Specialist at Meerut E.N.T. for Voice Disorders & Laryngology.

Diseases affecting the larynx

Several conditions affecting the larynx include:
● Benign vocal cord lesions.
● Cancerous or precancerous lesions.
● Autoimmune conditions.
● Infectious or inflammatory conditions.
● Neurologic conditions.
● Vocal cord motion abnormalities.

Laryngeal disorders that are caused by abuse, misuse, or overuse of voice include:
● Laryngitis: An inflammation of the vocal cords.
● Vocal cord nodules: Small, benign, inflammatory non-cancerous lesions on the vocal cords.
● Vocal cord polyps: These are post-traumatic or inflammatory.
● Vocal cord hemorrhage: An abrupt loss of voice where one or several blood vessels on the surface of vocal cord rupture, and soft tissues of the vocal cord fill with blood.
● Professional voice disorders: Anyone who uses their voice for work is vulnerable. Professions at high risk include teachers, customer service representatives, etc.
● Spasmodic dysphonia: It is a rare neurologic condition of the larynx that involves the involuntary muscle contraction of specific muscles within the larynx. The voice becomes strained or strangled or periodically breathy.
● Laryngeal papillomatosis: It is a chronic viral infection causing the benign, wart-like tumors to grow inside the vocal cords or the respiratory tract.
● Vocal cord paralysis or vocal cord hypomobility: It happens when one or both vocal cords in the larynx are unable to open or close properly. It can cause coughing, difficulty swallowing, a feeling of phlegm in the throat, and shortness of breath.
● Vocal cord motion disorders: it may be caused by surgery of spine, thyroid, thoracic or vascular, prolonged/traumatic placement of a tracheostomy tube, or an infection.
● Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR): It is also called heartburn, acid reflux disease. It may affect the larynx and cause coughing, hoarseness, inflammation, and sore throat.
● Laryngeal cancer: The inner walls of the larynx are lined with cells called squamous cells where all laryngeal cancers begin.
● Laryngeal stenosis: It is a narrowing of the vocal cord airway, either from scarring or bilateral vocal cord immobility, which causes breathing problems. It is caused by several conditions, like autoimmune or inflammatory disorders.
● Dysphagia: It happens when the larynx does not close tightly during swallowing and when the throat cannot move food to the esophagus in an effective way.

Diagnosis of diseases of the larynx
● They are diagnosed by a laryngologist or otolaryngologist. Firstly, physical examination, including a scope or mirror exam to visualize the larynx and throat, is performed.
● Depending on the symptoms, other tests may be required, like imaging studies, biopsies, or endoscopic examination.
● If vocal cord paralysis is suspected, a diagnosis will first confirm with a scope exam. In some situations, laryngeal electromyography (LEMG) may be done.

● Treatment for problems in larynx and vocal cords are personalized, depending on the age, health, and profession.
● Treatment for conditions due to vocal abuse, misuse, or overuse, maybe voice or singing therapy.
● Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination may be used to treat laryngeal cancer. Surgery may also be needed to treat nodules, polyps, or cysts. Vocal Cord Treatment in Meerut is done at a Clinic for throat or voice disorders, and Dr. Abhishek Mohan, Sr. E.N.T. Surgeon & Cochlear Implant Specialist at Meerut E.N.T., is the best voice problems, doctor/Voice specialist.

● Taking care not to strain the voice through excessive use can prevent polyps and nodules.
● Take time to rest your voice, maintain physical fitness, and control irritating factors (allergy or reflux) that can prevent problems.
● Quit smoking and avoid alcohol to prevent laryngeal cancer.

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