Head & Neck Oncology

Head & Neck Cancer affects critical functions such as speaking, swallowing and eating, as well as appearance of a person. Dr. Abhishek Mohan Sr. ENT & Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon customizes our selection of treatments for each individual. Person affected with head-neck cancer with special efforts towards maintaining your quality of life. Consult best Head & Neck cancer surgeon Dr. Abhishek Mohan.

There are many types of Head & Neck Cancers, such as:
- Oral Cancer
- Pharyngeal Cancer
- Laryngeal Cancer
- Thyroid Cancer
- Salivary Gland Cancer
- Nose Cancer
- Lymplus

For best cancer treatment of these cancer, MeerutENT clinic proves diagnostic and surgical treatment, all at one place.

Oral Cancer – Oral cancer is most common Head & Neck cancer, for which best head & neck cancer surgeon Dr. Abhishek Mohan treat with utmost care. Most common sign & symptoms are mouth ulcer that do no heal, pain in your mouth, white & red patches in mouth, difficulty in swallowing, lump in neck, weight loss. Risk factors are Tobacco chewing, alcohol & both. Dr. Abhishek Mohan Sr. ENT & Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon provides counselling for avoiding risk factor for oral cancer. Best ENT & head-neck cancer surgeon Dr. Abhishek Mohan perform various operations according to site of oral cancer to remove the cancer. Post surgery radiation therapy is used in some cases and chemotherapy in some.

Pharyngeal Cancer & Laryngeal Cancer – Cancer of voice box. There are different types of treatment available for this, most common is now Radiation therapy followed by Chemotherapy and Surgery. Dr. Abhishek Mohan diagnose the stage of cancer taken biopsy prove the type of cancer & then discuss with his highly expertise team which modality will be the best treatment with least morbidity.

Thyroid Cancer – It is cancer of hormone secreting gland called thyroid gland. It has symptoms of lump in neck & lump grow in size quickly. Best ENT & Head – Neck surgeon decide according to type & size of cancer which surgery to be done either hemithyroidectomy or total thyroidectomy  with or without neck dissection. Dr. Abhishek Mohan Sr. ENT & Head – Neck Cancer surgeon with his team try to preserve recurrent laryngeal nerve & give result with least mortality.

Salivary Gland Cancer – They are named according to which cell types mucoepidermoid carcinoma are the most common sort in parotid gland. It is important to discuss all your treatment options with your ENT & head & neck Cancer Surgeon. Surgery include parotidectomy, submandibular gland excision.

Surgery is the main treatment for most Head & Neck cancers. Our best head & neck cancer surgeon Dr. Abhishek Mohan is well recognized for his expertise. He works closely with an entire team of head & neck experts to create a precise treatment plan for each individual. Dr. Abhishek Mohan ENT & Head & Neck surgeon put emphasis on complete oncology clearance while preserving your quality of life. We highly try to preserve the ability to speak, eat and swallow.