Hearing Aids

At Meerut ENT, we reliably test and satisfy our patients with the modern and greatest in hearing aid technology. It is a benefit that our practice gets to work with any and all manufacturers and products. We are detailing about few of our current favourites! As new products are released, we update this page accordingly.

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What Sets Us Apart?
Everyone has some special needs and with this everyone's ears are also different so it's necessary that hearing aids must be tailored accordingly.  To verify that the hearing aids are fit properly for the patient it is compulsory to take real ear measures then only we would be able to make speech audible and rehabilitate the hearing loss.

These measurements occur at the following times:
• Every new fitting
• If a change has occured in hearing
• If there is the need of using a new earmold or the aid has been re-cased

Through set of questions, meetings, measurements, and a two-week AT HOME hearing aid trial,  we personalize your solution. We know about your needs and will use your information to drive suggestions and you will make the decision on how to proceed.