Facilities we have

1.  Video endoscopy of the ear, nose and throat
Video endoscopy is done at Meerut ENT for the ear, nose and throat inspection and treatment:
Our OPD is well equipped with sterilised instruments for examination through Video Endoscopy of ear, nose and throat. We provide video endoscopy for elaborated and complete examination of the ear, nose and throat diseases at Meerut ENT. With this facility we explain our patients their problems and guide their attendants for their required awareness.

2. Endoscopic nose & sinus
At MeerutENT condition of the art apparatus for video endoscopic surgery helps for focused and accurate surgery on the nose, sinuses and adjoining shapes. At “Dr. Abhishek Mohan's centre "MeerutENT", the facility of High class recording systems and video camera  help Dr. Abhishek Mohan, Sr. ENT to execute all sensitive surgeries harmlessly for his patients.

3. Microscopic ear and Neuro-otologic surgery
High standards powered microscopes help the surgeon to perform all ear and neuro-otological operations. With accomplished illumination and enlargement it becomes helpful for the surgeon to implement the specific and sensitive moves that are essential while operating on the ear, hearing equipment and surrounding construction of the brain.

4. Lasers and Radiofrequency (Coblation)
By using lasers and radiofrequency technology Dr. Abhishek Mohan Sr. ENT Surgeon avails the satisfaction of exact cutting and securing of tissues. At Meerut ENT we provide the multiple types of lasers that may be used relevantly for operating in ENT. In the same way we also provide the facility of radio frequency apparatus for bloodless tissue cutting and reduction and also lessen the heat trauma to adjoining structures.

5. Cochlear Implant & Auditory Implant Program
All types of cochlear implants in children or adults with serious to intense hearing losses are provided at Meerut ENT with the help of Cochlear and Auditory Implant programme. Electrical stimulation is carried to the inner ear (cochlea) through the cochlear implant. Dr. Abhishek Mohan provides a very victorious program held up by the team of skilled audiologists, speech and language therapists.

6. Snoring and Sleep apnea assessment
Facing problems such as sleep disorder, snoring etc, Meerut ENT provides exact diagnosis and this evaluation often involves overnight monitoring at a sleep center of your breathing and other body functions during sleep. To detect sleep apnea tests are available such as Nocturnal polysomnography. In this test, patient is connected to apparatus that keeps record of patient's heart beat, breathing patterns, arms and legs movements, and blood oxygen levels while he/she sleeps.

7. Implantable Hearing Devices (BAHA, Bonebridge and VSB)
After trying different hearing aids and having no satisfaction it's natural to get frustrated. But hope is still there only at Meerut ENT says ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr. Abhishek Mohan at MeerutENT. Hearing aids only increase sounds.  With the guidance of doctor you can choose specific hearing aid depends on your specific type of hearing loss. These devices bypass the outer ear and either change sounds into vibrations convey to the middle ear or electrical impulses delivered directly to the inner ear.

8. Newborn hearing screening
Hearing disability is usual in a significant percentage of newborns and young children, and can often go unexplored till the child grows. Dr. Abhishek Mohan has established newborn hearing screening programmes at Meerut ENT center under his experienced guidance and through some sophisticated tests. These tests help to screen newborns and make out notable hearing loss soon after birth.

9. Comprehensive Hearing tests for children and adults
After knowing the level of hearing loss with the help of Pure Tone Audiograms, Speech Audiograms and Impedance tests patient can get the right treatment. A union of various tests need to be used to determine the nature and severity of hearing loss. In adults we carry out tests including Auditory Brainstem response (ABR/BERA), ASSR, OAE, VRA, Tympanometery.

10.  Hearing aid evaluation and fitting
Various types and designs of hearing aids are accessible today in the market. Hearing aids are advanced technical devices that are customized to the individual client’s need according to the specific diagnosis of Dr. Abhishek Mohan. At Meerut ENT, experienced audiologist discuss the choices available in patient's certain situation, It helps patient to decide in finding the most suitable hearing device for him/her.

11. Cochlear Implant Device Programming
The team of Meerut ENT audiologists and therapists has a lot of experience with Cochlear Implant Device Programming. This device needs to be activated and the candidate would need regular depiction or programming of the implant. We provide to all children Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) and to adults auditory training.

12.  Hearing and Speech therapy
Dr. Abhishek Mohan, under his noteworthy observation provides the team of  speech and language pathologists who are really helpful in dealing with speech / articulation disorders, Language delays, stammering, voice disorders, feeding and swallowing problems are also well treated at Meerut Ent. Center.

13. Cancer Screening Head & Neck
Heavy use of alcohol and exposure to tobacco have proved  two major known risk factors for head and neck cancer and it becomes the cause of wide range of tumors that effect the various areas of head and neck, including mouth, throat, salivary glands, thyroid glands , swallowing path.  At Meerut ENT, we offer head and neck screenings to anyone in the community. These screenings help to educate patients on awareness of oral cancer and its risk factors.

14. Fiber Optic Laryngoscopy
The facility of examining voice box is easily provided at Meerut ENT. In Fiberoptic laryngoscopy (nasolaryngoscopy)  a small flexible telescope is used and the scope is passed through patient's nose and into his throat. Numbing medicine is sprayed in patient's throat and this is the procedure that takes less than 1 minute.

15. Swallowing Assessment (FEES)
Swallowing Assessment (FEES) is a tested procedure to know how well a patient swallow. A thin, flexible instrument is passed through patient's nose during the procedure. When we swallow food or liquid, it passes through our mouth and down through parts of our throat. Then, the food or liquid passes through a long tube (esophagus) before entering our stomach. Since breathing pauses during a swallow, this movement requires coordination with the muscles of breathing