Hearing Testing

Using verified practices and a comprehensive battery, we acquire the details required to set up your treatment plan.

We come up with high-standard, precise, patient- and family-centered evaluations.

Adult Hearing Evaluations
We are glad to plan for you a complete estimation, if you or your loved ones (family or friend) are looking forward to improve your hearing power, or you have any heredity factor for hearing loss and would just like a baseline. In additional to a standard hearing test, we can also judge the overall condition of the outer, middle, and inner ears with specific tests based on the condition and requirement of the patient. We alter the evaluation according to your needs and you will easily understand the whole procedure of how you hear and chances for development.

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations
If your child has difficulty in improving speech and language, he/she has failed hearing test, having continuous ear infections and suffering from any strange academic problems. Judgement of a child's condition and the way of treatment is totally different than an adult as their treatment demands different set of needs.  Dr. Abhishek Mohan loves working with children and is passionate that every child not only should receive a high quality and accurate hearing evaluation, but also that their outcomes be optimal.

Initial Newborn Hearing Screenings
If there is initial need of newborn hearing screening, Dr. Abhishek Mohan is able to complete this testing and report results to the State.