Meerut Hearing Center

Hearing Aids

God has sent us on this earth along with his choicest blessings. With the power of our senses we are able to see, listen, feel, smell and taste. We communicate with the world when we listen their thoughts and ideas and it becomes possible only by our hearing. Unfortunately when we face hearing loss at any phase of our life journey we feel ourselves isolated because it becomes problematic to connect with others. Each and every person notices you around. At this point, diagnose and treatment of this problem at Meerut Hearing Center under the guidance of Dr. Abhishek Mohan, Sr. ENT Doctor, helps us in improving our quality of life.

We are determined to help you so that you can understand your hearing loss. We prescribe the best solutions for your needs and lifestyle. This makes your life more convenient and sorted and you start taking your life in much easier way.

At Meerut Hearing Center, Chetan Medical Complex, we provide our patients the progressive management options and modern techniques for all types of hearing loss at our hearing center in meerut. Our team has an increasing experience of cochlear implant recipients. With an Auditory Brainstem Implant Programme, we are one of the few centres in the country. We can help you in taking decisions on Hearing Aids, Middle Ear Implants, Bone Conduction hearing devices and Hybrid Hearing Implants.

We have multidisciplinary team perspective that brings all of the experts together that you require, under one roof. Our team always works closely together and helps in developing a personalized, best plan to meet your requirements. Our hearing specialists such as clinical audiologists, otolaryngologists, neuro-otologists and auditory-verbal therapists provide an approach to hearing healthcare that is patient – centered.

For any hearing related problem, you are adviced to visit Meerut Hearing Center (MHC) and get the best treatment under the guidance of Dr. Abhishek Mohan, Sr. ENT Doctor and hearing specialist.