Pediatric ENT

Ear, nose and throat (E.N.T) complaints are very regular in pediatric (children) patients. Youngsters having hypersensitivities has very common ENT issues. It’s critical to know the most well known Best Pediatric ENT doctor in Meerut and have the option to recognize if any factor such as hypersensitivity influencing the complaints.

Ear Infection: Most kids sooner or later is looked for ear disease. Most children visit Dr. Abhishek Mohan Sr. ENT doctor at Meerut ENT for middle ear infection also known as otitis media. The cause in upper respiratory tract infection advancing upto the Eustachian tube & cause the infection which cause pain, decrease in healing, fever & some times discharge from ear. In these cases prompt treatment by ENT Doctor regularly, helps. Hypersensitivities can prompt fluid behind the eardrum in children more than 2 years of age, which can cause agonizing ear pain, hard of hearing. Dr. Abhishek Mohan, Sr. ENT Surgeon & cochlear implant specialist at Meerut ENT, is the best pediatric ENT specialist for the best advice.

Soar Throat: Two most frequently facing problems in kids are pharyngitis & tonsillitis. The distinction between the two is that pharyngitis explicitly influences the tonsils. Both the conditions can lead to pain & fever, difficulty in swallowing, prompt treatment from Best Pediatric ENT doctor in Meerut via antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication can help in relieving and curing the conditions. Sometimes due to allergy mucus forms in nose, causing post-nasal dribble. (mucus trickle down the back of throat). You can contact Dr. Abhishek Mohan, Sr. ENT Surgeon & Cochlear Implant Specialist at Meerut ENT for the best treatment.

Adenoiditis & Adenoid Hypertrophy : Adenoid is a tissue at the back of nose and are lymph nodes. They protect kids from infection of upper respiratory tract unfortunately some children adenoid gets infected and can cause nasal blockage, post nasal drip, nasal discharge, prompt treatment by doctor for pediatric otolaryngology can help in getting rid of infection Sometimes infection to adenoid hypertrophy that result in snoring, mouth breathing sound become like talking with stuffed nose. Then adenoid removal can be done without any blood loss or pain via surgery. You can contact for best advice to Dr. Abhishek Mohan, Sr. ENT Doctor at Meerut ENT.

Allergic Rhinitis :  It is common ENT problem in kids, also known as Hay Fever. As per ENT doctor Abhishek Mohan at MeerutENT it can be seasonal around March-April & September-October or can be round the year. Main complaints are nasal stuffiness, sneezing, nasal blockage, nasal discharge, don’t overlook at these symptoms. Contact for children ENT doctor at Meerut ENT and get your child treated.

Why pick a Pediatric ENT Doctor ?
There are numerous reasons kids profit by observing human service master prepared explicitly to think about kids. It took a group with the expertise, information center, understanding and concentrated making in Best Pediatric ENT to offer the best consideration for your kid. Dr. Abhishek Mohan Sr. ENT Surgeon & Cochlear Implant Specialist at Meerut ENT is one of the best doctor in Meerut.

Pediatric ENT issues we treat: Our ear, nose and throat child ENT doctor in Meerut can prescribe your youngster for the following conditions:
- Ear disorders such as Hearing loss, swimmers ear (otitis externa), Otitis media, cholesteatoma, ruptured ear drum, glue ear, cochlear implantation.
- Sinus infection, Running nose, Nasal bleeding, blocked nose, allergic rhinitis.
- Tongue tie, Voice disorder, speech problem, tonsillitis, adenoditis.
- Foreign body nose, ear, throat, laryngomalacia, head & neck masses.